2017 LT-2 Turbo Automatic w/ABS.  MSRP $41,201.18  BLOWOUT: $34,995

2017 ST-2 Turbo Automatic w/ABS.  MSRP $39,473.07  BLOWOUT: $34,995

2017 LT-2 Turbo Automatic.  MSRP $41,777.85   Duplicate available w/ABS. BLOWOUT: $34,995

2017 GT Turbo Automatic.  MSRP $41,060.83  BLOWOUT: $34,995

2017 ST-2 Turbo Automatic w/ABS.  MSRP $39,015.93  BLOWOUT: $34,995


Complete and pending inventory listed at www.rewacousa.com

USED 2013 Rewaco RF1 LT-2, 5 speed.  Only 13k miles.  Ready for a new home at a great price!  Original MSRP over $40k....lightly used and yours for $24,995!!!

2017 ST-2 Turbo Automatic.  MSRP $39,177.09.  BLOWOUT: $33,995

2017 GT TURBO AUTO.  BLOWOUT: $34,995

Leftover 2016 LT-2 Turbo Automatic.  Clearance price: $33,995.  Windshield package and stereo already added.

2017 GT Turbo Automatic w/ABS.  MSRP $40,596.66  BLOWOUT: $34,995

Trike Traders LLC. / Traders Motorsports  / Rewaco USA

2017 ST-2 Turbo Automatic.

MSRP: $37,578.58.  500 miles on it, demo unit....amazing deal at $28,995!

2017 GT Turbo Automatic.  MSRP $40,754.31  BLOWOUT: $34,995


2010 HD Ultra Screamin Eagle!

Just 21k miles.

Original retail was over $36,000!

Book value is around $20-21,000.  Yours for $15,999!!!!!

2015 Honda CBR500R.  A value sport bike with all the necessary power to have fun and not get in to too much trouble.  This one owner bike has only 850 miles!!!!  A few rashes but nothing that can't be overlooked for a deal!  $4299.

Let us sell your bike for you!  We do consignment sales at a 10% commission rate.  You set the price and there are no added fees or terms.  Save yourself the hassle of dealing with craigslist scammers / no shows / low ballers / tire kickers!  Stop in or call for details. 

2017 GT Turbo Automatic w/ABS.  Indian Red and black.  MSRP $40,436.93  BLOWOUT: $34,995

2017 GT Turbo Auto.  MSRP $41,060.83. Also, duplicate in stock at AJ Cycle in Indiana.  BLOWOUT: $34,995