Motor triketroup, texas

Motor Trike boasts a pure trike history and one of the largest dealer networks.  For many years their air ride ladder bar rear ends carried thousands of riders over millions of enjoyable miles.  In 2009 the company engineered their air ride independent suspension and have been on a roll introducing new and refined conversions in the years since.  Their conversions are defined by a soft ride, adjustability and small size.  

california sidecararrington, virginia

CSC's success with trikes nearly justifies a name change.  Their conversions began as straight axle rear ends but evolved to race inspired independent suspensions.  CSC's trikes have a sporty ride and handling with a lot of innovative and unique features.  The CSC trikes have stylish sleek bodies and they use a lot of purpose built parts.  CSC has been in the motorcycle business for over 30 years.   

Hannigan Motorsports Murray, Kentucky

Manufacturer of arguably the smoothest riding trike conversions.  Hannigan utilizes a wide track trailing arm independent suspension that rides fantastic, corners with great stability and has a simple design that is reliable, easy to maintain and work on when needed.  Hannigan has been building motorcycle related accessories (fairings, sidecars, trike kits, trailers, etc) since 1975.