lehman trikes spearfish, south dakota

The one that started it all, the original trike conversion company.  John Lehman custom built a trike for his wife, and it went over so well he started an industry.  Lehman conversions are characterized by quality of construction and fit & finish.  They were also the first trike kit manufacturer to partner directly with motorcycle manufacturers on some of their models.   

sturgis motoren Noord, holland (the netherlands)

For those who are looking for something different, those who want to lead the pack rather than follow it, we proudly bring you the R18 reverse trike from Sturgis Motoren.  This front end conversion for the Honda Gold Wing GL 1800 and F6B has been perfected in Europe, and it is simply put, impressive.  We are one of only a few exclusive dealers in the USA handling this unique machine.  The ride quality, handling and steering on this trike combined with the top of the line GoldWing comforts and features, is unlike anything on the road.    

rewaco trikeslindlar, germany

Rewaco does conversions as well!  The maker of the awesome RF-1s also has conversion kits for a few different bike models.  The independent suspension conversions are unique in that they incorporate a sensor that automatically detects when you turn the handlebars and stiffens the rear suspension for cornering stability.  This technology is more advanced than any other conversion now on the market!   

grinnall trikesworcestershire, united kingdom

Grinnall Cars came to fame years ago with the Scorpion vehicles.  The Scorpion III is a reverse trike, and it's success led them to developing trike conversion kits for some of Europe's popular cycles.  Grinnall is just beginning to enter the US market, and we are happy to help them do so.  Their unique R3T conversion for the Triumph Rocket III is a head turner, and they have a few BMW models available with more to come.    

champion trikeshuntington beach, california

Champion began with sidecars but their success with trikes put them over the top.  They started with all straight axle kits and they were hugely successful.  Followed the industry trend and transitioned to independent suspension in 2008 and now offer both options for many of their models.  Champion is also the manufacturer of the widest used mechanical reverse gear for Harley Davidson big twins.       

Motor triketroup, texas

Motor Trike boasts a pure trike history and one of the largest dealer networks.  For many years their air ride ladder bar rear ends carried thousands of riders over millions of enjoyable miles.  In 2009 the company engineered their air ride independent suspension and have been on a roll introducing new and refined conversions in the years since.  Their conversions are defined by a soft ride, adjustability and small size.  

california sidecararrington, virginia

CSC's success with trikes nearly justifies a name change.  Their conversions began as straight axle rear ends but evolved to race inspired independent suspensions.  CSC's trikes have a sporty ride and handling with a lot of innovative and unique features.  The CSC trikes have stylish sleek bodies and they use a lot of purpose built parts.  CSC has been in the motorcycle business for over 30 years.   

Hannigan Motorsports Murray, Kentucky

Manufacturer of arguably the smoothest riding trike conversions.  Hannigan utilizes a wide track trailing arm independent suspension that rides fantastic, corners with great stability and has a simple design that is reliable, easy to maintain and work on when needed.  Hannigan has been building motorcycle related accessories (fairings, sidecars, trike kits, trailers, etc) since 1975.  

our conversions

When we got into the trike business way back in 2005, we decided that we were going to continuously pursue the best trike conversions available.  Each of our conversion manufacturers build a high quality product and stand behind it with warranties, periodic updates and improvements.  We have over 400 installations worth of experience to draw upon, and that has allowed us to refine each conversion kit even better than the factory.  We work very long and hard to ensure that installations done by us are the best they can be.  We spend the extra time and care to make everything fit properly, so things not only look like they should but so the machine functions as it is supposed to, reducing wear & tear to a minimum.  This attention to detail encourages people to trust us with their bike, and for our customers to come to us over and over again, and refer their friends and neighbors.  You will not get a better job anywhere else, period.