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2016 Alterra 400 4x4 in Red.  $5,799 + freight and setup. REBATES, $3,999 INCLUDES F/S!!!!

2016 Alterra 450 4x4 in red.  $4,499 includes F/S!!!

2016 HDX 700 XT EPS in black.  Power steering, front differential lock.  Biggest bed in the industry!  MSRP $14,499+freight/setup. SALE PRICE: $11,499 INCLUDES F/S!!!!!

2017 HDX 500 XT in Green.  $11,999 + freight/prep. Sale Priced at $9,999 including f/s!!!!

2016 Wildcat Sport w/Geared up Package (bumpers, half windshield $14,318.95 + freight/setup. REBATES AVAILABLE, $10,999 INCLUDES F/S

Formerly known as Trike Traders

2017 Mudpro 700 (black/orange/camo) $10499 + freight/prep. Sale Price: $8999 includes f/s!!!

2018 In-stock also (Gray/Green) MSRP $9,999 + freight/prep.

2017 VLX 700.  NOT ACTUAL PICTURE.  This is a brand new "value" model 700 4wd in black...$5999 + freight/prep.

2016 DVX 90 $2899 + freight and setup. SALE PRICE $2399 INCLUDING F/S!!!

2017 Alterra 90's  $2499 + freight / setup

For a little work or a whole lot of play, nothing beats the versatility of a Prowler!  This leftover 2015 550 has 2wd/4wd with front diff lock.  The rear cargo bed works just as well for a bunch of tools or a cooler full of good times!   MSRP was $11,299 + $650 freight.  BUY IT FOR $7499, FREIGHT INCLUDED!!!!! These deals will likely never be seen again with the new ownership of Cat, so get it now!!!

2017 Alterra TRV 500.  Brand new design 2-up model.  $8,099 plus freight / setup. Sale Price: $6,999

2017 Alterra 300.  Brand new design.  MSRP: $4299 + freight/prep. Sale Price $3799 includes f/s

Brand new design Prowler 500, 2017 model.  MSRP $9,499 + freight and setup.  Red. Buy one, $8,499 INCLUDES f/s!!!

2016 Alterra 550 in Red$8,599 + freight and setup. REBATES, SOLD

2017 Wildcat Trail base model in red. MSRP $11,999 + freight/prep. Sale Price: $9,599 includes f/s!!!!

2017 Wildcat Trail XT EPS in Green/Camo.  MSRP $13,499 + freight/prep. Sale Price: $10,999 includes f/s!!!!


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